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Prato Nevoso is a wonderful ski resort, part of the municipality of Frabosa Sottana, in the province of Cuneo, near Mondovì, part of the Mondolè Ski.

The idea of creating a new tourist resort in a remote district in the Mondovì area, at that time called “Prà Nevoso houses”, along the western slopes of Malanotte Mountain dates back to 1960 and is due to an entrepreneur from Savona, Giacomo Dodero, a regular visitor to Frabosa Soprana and passionate walker.

Over the years, Prato Nevoso has become a place much loved by families, who can appreciate the snow-capped mountains and have fun with a thousand outdoor activities even in summer.

Starting from 2000 Prato Nevoso has become the largest ski area in the province of Cuneo, and a few years ago it became part of the Magical Christmas Village circuit.