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An immersive journey back in time. This year, the noble floor of the Royal Castle of Govone will host the exhibition “Christmas at Savoy House – Christmas traditions at the House of Savoy“. The splendid rooms of the Castle, recently restored with great commitment by the Municipal Administration, the Region, the European Union and the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage, will make you experience the poetic and evocative atmospheres of the life and celebrations of the past. In fact, the visit route will lead visitors to discover what the traditions of the noble family were during the holidays.

Discover the Christmas holidays and celebrations at the time of the Duke of Savoy Carlo Felice and his wife Maria Cristina di Borbone, King and Queen of Sardinia: the noble couple chose Govone as their beloved leisure residence, and was decisive in transmitting and merging the ancient Bourbon Christmas traditions with Piedmont ones.

During the visit you will have the opportunity to learn about the particularities introduced by the royal family and the accessories worn by the ladies, and then discover the Christmas tree of Queen Maria Cristina.

Inside the exhibition you will be able to rediscover the holidays and good wishes customs so dear to grandparents and great-grandparents, the ancient decorations, the Bourbon rites of Neapolitan-Hispanic influence such as the “zapatos”, the Queen’s party kits, games, superstitions and “porte-bonheur”, but also the most sacred and religious aspects of the Holy Night, in a continuous alternation between historical notions and curiosities about the Savoyard nobility and suggestions recreated by the revival of life scenes set up with mannequins and period costumes.

This year’s novelty will be the opportunity to admire collectible nativity scenes immersed in a unique and evocative environment, unique ancient works or artisan excellence, such as the splendid terracotta nativity scene of Caltagirone from the personal collection of the most famous ceramist artist in the sector, Pippo Giovine.

The emotions and memories that live in the cultural paths illustrated by costumed actors of the time, among colours, lights, scents and magical atmospheres will be a precious gift for visitors that will warm their hearts, leaving the greatest gift of Christmas: the smile and the amazement of a child, whatever the age.


The visit to the Royal Castle of Govone includes a free tour lasting about 20 minutes. Access with pets is not allowed unless they are in a special carrier.

Access to the rooms has some architectural barriers.



Royal Castle – Govone



From 19th November to 18th December, from 10:00 am to 06:45 pm

19-20 November

26-27 November

3-4 December

8-9-10-11 December

17-18 December



Admission every 15 minutes

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Online booking and purchase recommended.

0-10 years Free

Full (from 11 years) 8.00

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