Christmas in the House of Savoy and visit to the Royal Castle 2021

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An immersive journey back in time. The exhibition itinerary already has in its title all the elements that will make it truly special and unmissable: “Christmas at the House of Savoy”.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the particularities introduced by the royal family and the accessories worn by the ladies as well as the Christmas tree of Queen Maria Cristina.

Not just luxury though; the itinerary will also deal with more intimate themes such as chivalry, religious values, military traditions and knightly princes of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

References to faith and the theme of the Nativity are inevitable with an exhibition of nativity scenes.

The history of Govone Castle is full of important and fascinating names that deserve to be known, valued and studied, and a large and articulated multi-year project intends to re-propose these characters and their respective centuries in various forms and events.

In this edition of The Magical Christmas Village in the UNESCO Lands, it was decided to develop the theme of Christmas holidays and celebrations at the time of the Duke of Savoy Carlo Felice and his wife Maria Cristina of Bourbon, daughter of Ferdinando King of Naples and Sicily, on the 200th anniversary of their nomination as King and Queen of Sardinia.

In fact, the noble couple chose Govone as their beloved leisure residence, and was instrumental in transmitting and merging the ancient Bourbon Christmas traditions with the ones from Piedmont.

In the cultural itineraries through the Rooms of the Castle, it will be possible to relive the rules of “preparation” of the tables of the feasts, the propitiatory Bourbon gifts of Neapolitan-Hispanic influence such as the “zapatos”, the decorations of the tree, the kits of the Queen’s feasts, heraldry and the precious testimonies of the King, in a continuous alternation between sacred traditions and profane augural rites, chivalrous values and legends, jewels, clothes, accessories, pomp and curiosities of the Noble Savoyard Court and peasant customs and superstitions of their subjects of the beautiful lands and hills now UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The charm of the rooms and the objects on display, among colours, lights, scents and magical atmospheres, will be able to suspend visitors between dream and reality, testimonies and suggestions, reflections and emotions, of whatever age they are … because even retracing history can give “magic” to Christmas …


At the Castle of Govone – Piazza Roma (Govone)


From 20 Novemberto 9 January 2022, every Saturday and Sunday (midweek openings specified on the calendar)


From 10:00to 19:00

Entrances every 15 minutes


Adult: 7 €– Discounted (from 11 years)

Free: 0-10 years old

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