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Choose to spend time for yourself, with your family, your friends in a unique atmosphere, that of Christmas in the Unesco Lands! Taste the magic and rediscover the beauty of time for what you love!


The Magical Christmas Village

The small town is part of the historical region of Roero, located on the border with the province of Asti, about halfway between the cities of Alba and Asti. It...



The Christmas Markets

Capital and heart of the province, Asti is a city on a human scale. Known for its wines and cuisine, maybe less for its beauty from an artistic point of...


Not only
Govone e Asti

The big news of 2021 is the dissemination of the most magical event you can take part in throughout the territories of Piedmont! Not only Govone and Asti, also discover the suggestion of the nativity scene of San Damiano d’Asti and the beautiful snow-covered slopes of Prato Nevoso!!

Prato Nevoso


San Damiano